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frog pocket: caric kils

jockrock []
webzine, scotland, 2002

The weird one-man sound laboratory that is Frog Pocket spews out another collection of off-beat off-kilter wibbles and squelches. But for all its general strangeness "Caric Kils" has a few moments of 'normal' listening too.

Though not opening track "Fir Faas" which is surely a sample of a possessed musical box, while "Underwood Ladykirk" with its guitar lines perhaps hints at how the Durutti Column might sound if given the dance makeover treatment by aliens from the Crab Nebula.

"My Little Friend", which garnered them the term 'crispcore' again rears its head with the crunching sampled percussion. "Felix Kubin" is a bizarre surprise, a traditional fiddle track, but with the sampled thuds and crunches pushing through to the fore.

"Come On the Arches" is a great fuzzy guitar tune almost completely obliterated by fecked-up drum'n'bass. Recalling thoughts of everything from Throbbing Gristle to Boards of Canada, it's a helluva mix.

All in all, electro pop for people who don't like pop.