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frog pocket: caric kils

vital weekly []
newsletter, the netherlands, 2002

Eight new tracks by Frog Pocket, who have had releases before on Mouthmoth. It seems to me that Frog Pocket moved a little bit more to using more guitars next to their IDM inspired music.

Take for instance "Come On The Arches" which has a heavy guitar (looped? sampled? live? who knows?) throughout a very distorted rhythm track. Not my favourite piece though, but it exemplifies what Frog Pocket does.

The more quieter moments work better, at least they do for me. The simple "Fir Faas" for instance, with it's almost baroque sounding harpiscord and cracked rhythm and "My Little Friend" which sound almost like taken from a 80s guitar album but pasted with a new rhythm.

Most curious title amongst this pack is of course a piece called "Felix Kubin", with a folky fiddle and guitar; almost a traditional so to speak. A very nice one as well.

If you want a comparison, Frog Pocket comes close to Accelera Deck, who let's hope Frog Pocket will get the same name fame.

[Frans De Waard]