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punck: nowhere campfire tapes


Artist: Punck
Title: Nowhere Campfire Tapes
Format: CD in jewel case with white tray
Tracks: 4
Playing time: 56:23
Release date: April 2005
File under: Avantgarde


Track List:

1.  Almost Anything  11:36

2.  Adriatico Lisergico  6:04

3.  Tsunami Notes  12:50

4.  Almost Nothing   11:22



"Nowhere Campfire Tapes" is Punck's full-lenght debut CD and is released as a Ctrl+Alt+Canc / Afe joint venture.

The album was recorded during 2004-2005 and follows two highly appreciated self-released CD-R EPs, many compilation appearances and a long and untired serie of live activities.

It was created manipulating many different kinds of acoustic sources with audio editors and softwares. Among such sources we find digital synthesis, contact microphones and field-recordings.

"Nowhere Campfire Tapes" features four slowly evolving tracks, with three of them lasting over the ten minutes mark.

"Almost Anything" is pervaded with disturbing frequencies, distant metal noises and ticking rain; the latter being a recorring element on the album.

"Adriatico Lisergico" (...or "Lysergic Adriatic" if you prefer...) starts with the treated recording of sea waves breaking against the shore, while abstract electronic soundscapes appear along the way. Approaching the end of the track, cutted-up voices are added just before sinking into sea waves again.

"Tsunami Notes" features the reciting voice of Paolo Ippoliti from Logoplasm along with sub-bass drones and high-pitched sounds. As the voice stops, the sound of a rainstorm fades in and out of the mix and a distant airplane fly over the last drops of pelting rain.

"Almost Nothing" closes the album merging most of the elements found in the previous tracks in a perfect fusion of found-sounds, field-recordings, drones and digital/electronic frequencies.

"A very fine work!"
Vital Weekly [more]

"Punck shows how the ever-present recordings of dripping or flowing water, the scraping of contact mics, and cold, primitive electronics, can convey the feeling of a diary written during a turbulent period, rather than dissolve in academic vagueness"
Chain D.L.K. [more]

"The production is sublime. All sounds are crystal clear. I cannot wipe the smile from my face as I am reviewing this record. I’m already looking forward to listening to this record once more."
Funprox [more]

"The elegance of the production and the precision and beauty of Adriano Zanni's music is undeniable."
Paris Transatlantic [more]

"Un applauso a Punck che sta trovando una collocazione sempre più definita nel panorama della musica italiana."
Sound and Silence [more]

"Con questo disco Punck raggiunge un livello di esecuzione decisamente alto..."
Rockit [more]

"Dentro questi quattro brani ci sono molte più sollecitazioni sensoriali di tutto il cric crac propagato nell'etere da ben più blasonate nullità nonché santità..."
Kathodik [more]

"Adriano Zanni dipinge con le vibrazioni i colori mutevoli del mare che si oscura, e passa dai grigi pomeridiani ai blu piatti e densi dei bagliori autunnali..."
Basebog [more]

"Le sonorità, soprattutto quelle d'impronta spiccatamente elettronica, sono spesso piuttosto fredde, taglienti, quasi glaciali..."
Oltre il Suono [more]

"Bel disco davvero, approfittatene"
Onda Rock [more]

"Punck stuzzica la curiosità nei solchi di un disco insolito ed intrigante"
Rockerilla [more]

"...una buona prova che rende merito dell'impegno di questo artista da anni attivo nelle scene più sperimentali..."
Neural [more]

"Bello, non ho mica paura, anzi non vedevo l’ora."
Music Club [more]

"...un particolare dell'oceano pensante di Solaris colpito da alzheimer che entropizza lentamente. Drammatico."
Blow Up [more]