[artists] logoplasm


Releases on Afe:
Testa piena d'orche [afe100cd]
Anofele & Logoplasm: Gravescapes [afe071mcd]

Related releases:
Meerkat: Kapnos [afe121cd]

On the web:

2001: Logoplasm are four individuals, two humans and two canines. They begin soundscaping after too many comics and books, after too many movies and a late night talk too many.

It's all about rambling, overlayed field recordings and aural showers of pink noise and feedback, a rather pointless ritual to twist time and cleanse the brain.

They used to run a small label, the label was called S'agita Recordings, the label was shut down due to too much fatigue after twentyfour or so releases.

Since 2005 Logoplasm are just two, no dogs anymore, solely two throbbing human hearts. Which according to their first record had sublime chaos in them.

Which might or might not be the case. After label shutdown and dogs departures they hid in the bushes or under leaves, samuray way.

It's now 2006: mostly whispering, but they are coming out again. It has been some time.


- (Twelve Deleted Records) [private editions]

- La musica che finisce per sempre
- Sublime.caos.nel.cuore
- Un libro scritto in automatico che il cuore non comprende
- Ho preso per mano il sisma
- A lifetime in a blink (w/ Davide Valecchi)
- Transito dal leggiadro
- Testa piena d'orche

- (more to follow)