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Releases on Afe:
A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024mp3]

Sparkle In Grey / A.A.V.V.: The Echoes of Thiiings / Fadiiing Echoes [afe060lcd]

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A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024box]

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The best group in the world, after all the others.

Norm has been, over the years, made up of about eight people.

When we were born, we were three. It was 1996, and me, Ago, and Lu thought that it would be nice to transform into music our anxieties, sadnesses, ideas, boredoms, delusions, obsessions, etc...

Suddenly Xo joined us and then, a bit by chance a bit by coercion, many other friends began to participate: Suca, Camillo, Fac, Paolino, etc... sometimes with a whispered sentence in a track, some others with true instrumental featurings.

All our earlier tracks were made in our own houses (and you can read the 'story' behind it on our website); almost every song was completed in summer time, in late July sunny days, when we also played new stuff and mixed old ones.

We can say we are a group in constant mutation, also without any plans.

Today (2001), everything is a bit different, the music too and the way we play: we close ourselves in a cheap recording studio, usually an old abandoned factory called SILOS, then we improvise obsessive tracks that begin on a electronic rhythm (invented there by Hue) that moves with the other instruments, played by Cris (guitar and drums), Ago (bass), Lele (keyboards and videos) and Xo (drums).

But it's not always so: if it happens, we exchange our places, or sometimes there's someone else with us, like Pino or MC Long, improviser drummers. We try to have fun, to vent fury, even if we are not able to play.

The most incredible thing is that we enjoy listening to ourselves. The others usually don't. The cows outside the SILOS don't like us either.

* Improvised tense afternoon description by Hue, founder member of Norm.