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gerstein: here comes sickness

  Artist: Gerstein
Title: Here Comes Sickness
Format: CD-R in standard jewel case with full color pro-printed artwork
Tracks: 15
Playing time: 56:11
Release date: October 2003
File under: Wave / Electro Wave


Track List:

1.  A Fly in My Eye  3:26

2.  Dust  2:55

3.  The Puke They Are  4:18

4.  Warmth  0:58

5.  Frozen  3:07

6.  There's Something On My Back  2:56

7.  They Blind Me  4:14

8.  Bright Light, Bright Life  3:22

9.  Metal On Metal  1:57

10.  Rise  7:55

11.  Addicted  4:38

12.  Evil  4:33

13.  Go Spread Some  4:16

14.  Cosmic Waves  3:56

15.  How I Feel  3:34



As we're approaching Gerstein's 20th anniversary, please welcome "Here Comes Sickness", a collection of mostly unreleased and rare tracks.

"Here Comes Sickness" is a very particular work, not only because it sums up many years of music, but also because it showcases most of the different music styles that Gerstein has been wandering through during his lifetime.

Gerstein has always been eclectic and those who followed him since the beginning are surely aware of this. In his own words Gerstein says: "My vision of music began under the experimental flag, and blending industrial, piano suites, ballads, noise and electronic has been my way of experimenting with sounds and emotions".

Ten out of the fifteen tracks included on "Here Comes Sickness" are unreleased and they have been resting in Gerstein's closets for too long, so they were compiled for this collection. The other few songs originally appeared on a compilation and a very limited tape release.

From the melancholy of "Warmth" and "There's Something On My Back" to the rage of "The Puke They Are" and "Addicted", from the happiness of "Bright Light, Bright Life" to the electronic trips of "Go Spread Some" and "Cosmic Waves" you can always feel Gerstein's touch.

Afe will take care of releasing some of Gerstein's latest tunes at a later date, in the meantime enjoy "Here Comes Sickness".

"Una retrospettiva azzeccata e meritata, che mostra le facce di un progetto musicale in grado di oltrepassare gli anni senza perdere in valore"
Kronic.it [more]

"'Here Comes Sickness' fruga in un passato poco diffuso, dividendosi tra registrazioni risalenti ai trienni '90/'92 e '99/'01, con dieci inediti"
Blow Up [more]

"This fine retrospective is the best choice for those who want to complete their impression on the whole Gerstein work, but also for beginners not familiar with the band at all"
IEM [more]

"All in all an interesting compilation of the diverse work of Gerstein"
Funprox [more]

"Una release ricca di tracce rare ed inedite"
Ritual [more]

"It's always been hard to pigeonhole Gerstein's music, Maurizio Pustianaz has always played what he wanted to, as he wanted to"
Chain D.L.K. [more]

"This album is sincerely devoted to changes, waiting, journey, hope..."
IEM [more]

"Gerstein è una di quelle realtà ultra-underground che da 20 anni impreziosisce all'insaputa di molti la scena musicale italiana..."
Onda Rock [more]

"Un disco che potrebbe far scoprire, o in alcuni casi ri-scoprire, uno dei progetti musicali più underground del panorama italiano"
Herz Und Geist [more]