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nimh: frozen

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webzine, usa, august 2008

"Frozen" represents Giuseppe Verticchio's early years in dark electronic abstractions. This album is entirely built around a single composition that explores explicit and deeply sonorous dronescapes.

At this first stage of improvement, Nimh music is already absorbing and can be qualified as an eloquent contemplative vehicle that penetrates subjective meanings of the self.

"Frozen" contains no melodies. Only focused on frequencies and duration, the music is a reflection about sacred communication. The circular harmonies, the moving electronic textures and gorgeous bass spherical frequencies have the ability to haunt the capacity of understanding, encouraging a shamanistic relationship between the listener and the sound object (intertwined musical experience).

"Frozen" certainly doesn’t have the complex achievement of following Nimh efforts (in term of changes, multi-textured forms and variety of instrumentation), nevertheless it remains an exceptional vibrant trip throw burgeoning, static buzzing drones.

[Philippe Blache]