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nimh: frozen

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, april 2003

Nimh/Giuseppe Verticchio has already been featured on these pages with some remarkable do-it-yourself releases like "Line of Fire" or the awesome "Distant skylines", works that really deserve a wider diffusion.

"Frozen" was recorded in 2000 and self-released, and is now luckily available again thanks to this accurate reprint by the ever better Afe. One long track (close to 60', but with several "movements" within) which is perfectly depicted by the title and the cover image: an indefinite figure disappearing in an icy cold landscape.

Somebody has defined it "terminal ambient", which could definitely fit, though not in a medical/pathological sense - I like to think it as a synonim of "liminal", to indicate a boundary where nature permanently excludes men.

Glacial drones and frequencies which reminded me of Thomas Koener (also close in the permafrost inspiration), Amon or even, in some particularly obsessive parts, MB's mind-devouring loops.

A truly great release, extreme and demanding but conveying a sense of final purity from the stain of mankind.

[Eugenio Maggi]