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kluster cold: the third secret

  Artist: Kluster Cold
Title: The Third Secret
Format: CD-R in standard jewel case with b/w pro-printed artwork and poster
Tracks: 8
Playing time: 28:13
Release date: May 2002
File under: Electro Wave


Track List:

1.  Intro-Spection  3:00

2.  Remember  2:58

3.  The Romance Of Tar  3:35

4.  As Fear Comes Back  3:27

5.  The Soldier  4:10

6.  The Romance Of Tar [Flare-Up Version]  3:37

7.  The Soldier's Theme  3:14

8.  Dystonia Flower  4:20



After several tapes and two highly enjoyable self-released albums, not mentioning his most recent "Das Gassenfenster" EP, Carlo Ponte a.k.a. Kluster Cold is ready to reveal us "The Third Secret".

An aura of kindness and calmness wraps up most of the tracks on this album, the same kindness and calmness you can clearly perceive standing in front of their author.

Sober piano lines and fascinating synth melodies are backed up by simple but effective drums patterns. A vocoder appears on "The Romance Of Tar" which is later re-proposed in its "Flare-Up Version".

Daniele and Paola Magarelli [both members of Runes Order] join in to come up with an enhanced version of "The Soldier", while Maurizio Pustianaz [Gerstein] takes care of the post-production and mastering.

A short but intense album which will appeal to any fan of the best 80's Electro Wave tradition. "Waiting, waiting, waiting in the night..."

"All you can say at the end is: brilliant!"
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"Analogic-digital manipulations that create delicate synth-pop sculptures"
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