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kluster cold: the third secret

the original sin []
webzine, belgium, june 2002

For those who donīt know the eighties are back... take a look at the cover of this cd... men in suits on a synth, and of course images of Kraftwerk are coming back: but good, Kluster Cold (which is the alter ego of Italian composer Carlo Ponte) is not a retro artist but this is electronic wave music that took his inspiration from the 80īs and that is transformed into a current sound.

Some years ago I had the honour to review the first recordings by Kluster Cold and it all was a bit like Clan Of Xymox but it seems like that "The third Secret" is a new direction for Kluster Cold as the elements of dark-wave music are still there but this comes very close to bands like Ladytron or the more known Felix Da Housecat.

Most of the songs here are instrumentals enriched with some samples (Jacques Brel for example) and all you can say at the end is: brilliant!

[Didier Becu]