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kluster cold: the third secret

iem []
webzine, russia, november 2003

It would seem that nothing can turn back the time and force us to remember something which has never really happened. Nothing but the music!

Kluster Cold is the italian band around Carlo Ponte existing since 1997, but it remains still undiscovered for many people, despite that there were several famous musicians involved in collaboration, such as Runes Order, Deca, Gerstein, and first album was mastered by Diego Merletto of Frozen Autumn.

Well, I think that the only reason for this is the fact that all the albums were released on limited edition CD-Rs and had a poor distribution outside Italy. This third album was recorded in 2002 but represents the good old electro-sound of the 80s, with a lot of nostalgic melodies and rhythms reincarnated into today's digital paradise.

However, all songs have a strong singularity and different attitude, even sort of remixes present here are fresh and enjoyable. The only sad thing is that the album is pretty short, only 8 tracks in 28 minutes.

Nevertheless, it should be the real revelation for all retro-romanticists. For me, the favourite song is "Remember": everytime listening to it, I just wonder how many different emotions are possible to be heard and experienced during the only two minutes in comparison to the whole life which was passed by without a single word.