[artists] cold cluster

Cold Cluster

Releases on Afe:
The Third Secret [afe037cd]

Related releases:
A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024box]


Cold Cluster is the denomination chosen by Carlo Ponte for his own music project. Actually, this name has recently been changed. Once it was Kluster Cold.

It all begun in 1997, after other music and literary esperiences. The first release ever issued was the very limited edition of a cassette entitled “Sonography Of Orchids”.

Some of the tracks included in that cassette were recorded in a different version for the following self-produced CD-R “The First Halogenous Lights”.

Monitor” is the title of the second CD-R. It is a chapter mainly realized by means of software synthesizers and it is destined to remain the only one, as all the others, the former one as well, are entirely produced using hardware analogue and digital synthesizers.

After the following EP “Das Gassenfenster”, Afe released the third "full-lenght" CD-R entitled The Third Secret” in May 2002.

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