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true colour of blood: the significance of secrecy

ambient visions 1 []
webzine, usa, 2002

Eric Kesner records as True Colour of Blood. "The Significance of Secrecy" is his limited edition (250 copies) CD-R on Andrea Marutti's Afe Records label. Andrea is a good friend, he records as Never Known and Amon.

As listeners expect from a project involving Andrea, this CD is seriously dark minimalism. Eric created this ominous soundscape at his studio in Alexandria, VA. A deep foggy drone is the catalyst for this dreary soundworld. Eric surrounds that drone with walls of bleak manipulations.

The sound design is cloudy, murky and organic. There are no edges or respites. The sinister soundscape is consistent from the get-go. It is fun to be scared. This disc scary is scary. Ergo, it is a fun disc!

[Jim Brenholts]