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true colour of blood: the significance of secrecy

ambient visions 2 []
webzine, usa, 2002

This ambient effort from Washington DC's True Colour Of Blood starts off on a rather minimal level. Slowly the tide drifts into the ever so quiet foreground. Sounds from the great distant streak across the field, only to fade out as quickly as they came into view.

Out of nowhere the unidentified streak across the sky, slowly at first, but only for a moment, and then vanishing into nothing more than a droney landscape. Oscillating and vibrating tones pulsate to encapsulate attention.

The heaviness of the rumbling bass becomes highlighted by the darkness all around. A beat kicks in with track three, "Forlorn". The beat disrupts the droney landscape, bringing forth a different direction. The beat seems to vere off into a mellow, free floating melody, drifting endlessly beyond the dormant heavens and above.

One of the more interesting things in regards to the works of TCOB is the use of instruments. There is not a synthesizer to be found on this album, however listening to the music it is almost hard to believe that only a guitar and drum machine, and a few other added effects are present.

At times however the music can become rather predictable, and too short on anything really going on musically. The drifting becomes aimless, without bolstering much emotion. However that may be the aim of this artist. There also seems to be a lack of time. It becomes a solemn slope of drones freely drifting into worlds of dusk's darkness.

Overall some people might find the minimalism to be too drawn out, and too shallow. However many listeners will be more inclined to praise such a slow and minimal release, with its rather chilled out experience and drawn out attitude, and maybe rightfully so. Finally, this album is probably best enjoyed with a good pair of headphones.

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