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March 18, 2009

Here we are again, it really looks like the Teddy Bear Remix Project is not going to end: four years after out last update we received a new remix by the mysterious researcher and musicologist Krell. Listen to his minimal treatments:

"Teddy Bear (Krell Mix)" by KRELL

February 19, 2005

It's time to add another couple of entries in the never-ending saga of the Teddy Bear Remix Project: it's our greatest pleasure to introduce to you the beautiful Madame P and her overdriven looping machine. Listen for yourself what happens when...

"Madame P Meets Teddy Bear" by MADAME P

And then it's the turn of The Burning Lamp: our friends from Argentina got in love with the Mote remix of Teddy Bear and decided to create their own version of the original. So, this time we're talking about a remix of a remix!!! We're happiest about the final result but let your ears be the judge:

"Teddy Bear Under the Tree of Life" by THE BURNING LAMP


December 04, 2004

A new exclusive rockin' Teddy Bear mp3 remix is now available for download. We don't know much about the mysterious Flower Power T-shirts, but she sent us a lovely picture...

"Teddy Is a Punck Rocker" by FLOWER POWER T-SHIRTS


November 28, 2004

The Teddy Bear Remix Project has turned into a sound-installation. Its very first public appearance hasl happened on November 19-21 during the InverArt 2004 music and visual arts festival in Inveruno, a small town located in the northern part of the Milan hinterland. The Afeman participated to this event along with many other young artists. The full reportage about this event is available here.

Another exclusive Teddy Bear mp3 remix is now available for download. We are very glad to welcome Gammon in our evergrowing bear family!

"Gammon Mix" by GAMMON


November 08, 2004

Just a couple of weeks passed since the day we uploaded Norm's cover version of "Teddy Bear" and here we're now introducing another new gorgeous cover: this time aal has stripped the original track down to its essential structure creating a guitar/voice/synth gentle lullaby. Enjoy!

"Dear Dead Days Are Over [Thank You, Teddy]" by aal


October 23, 2004

t last Norm completed their own cover version of "Teddy Bear" and we're happiest to present it here. Once again the question is: will the Teddy Bear saga ever end? Who will be the next? We have a clue about it, other new mixes will probably appear on this page soon!

"Our Teddy Bear Pippa" by NORM


February 07, 2004

Our friend Bubar from France has created this stunning short "Teddy Bear" remix in late 2003: enjoy!

"Teddy Bear - Live Craignos" by BUBAR THE COOK


September 19 , 2003

Will it EVER end? Three brand new gorgeous exclusive "Teddy Bear" mp3 remixes were created during Summer... needless to say they are great as usual... Here they are:

"Teddy Bear - 80's Bear" by LAST SECRET OF NIMH

"Teddy Bear - T.B." by BL4CKLITE



August 03, 2004

Last July 21st 2003 was our beloved Teddy Bear's first birthday! Believe it or not, it was also the Afeman's thirty-third birthday... What a coincidence, isn't it?!

Some photos taken that night are hidden somewhere on the Happy Bear People page. Go and find them if you can!

To celebrate such pregnant events (...) the John Pelushi Bear Band has created a new oustanding, mostly acappella, exclusive remix which is now finally available for download, here it is:

"Happy Birthday Teddy Bear" by THE JOHN PELUSHI BEAR BAND

The older exclusive mp3 remixes are still available:

"Teddy Bear - Pelliccette in Fiamme Rmx" by KILROY

"Teddy Bear - Teddy the Pooh" by CAPTAIN STÈPHANIE

"Teddy Bear - Teddy Roi" by IAN BRENO

"Teddy Bear - Dead Mix" by 74

"Teddy Bear - A Night With Hue Version" by SPARKLE IN A VOICE

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