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Releases on Afe:
Urania [afe50013]
Disc1 + Inherited and Partially Transmitted [afe050lcd]

A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024mp3]
A.A.V.V.: No Abiding Places [afe030lcd]
A.A.V.V.: Total Blackout [afe072]

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A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024box]
Meerkat: Kapnos [afe121cd]

On the web:

aal is Davide Valecchi from Florence, Italy. He started this project in early 2001 with the precious support of Paolo Ippoliti and Laura Lovreglio [a.k.a. Logoplasm, owners of the S'Agita Recordings label].

Davide had a classical piano training in his childhood and then he focused his attention on electric guitars before finally discovering electronic music in the early '90s.

He released two Cyberpunk / EBM albums as Diagonal Chains and a Drum'n'Bass album as Solenoid. He was briefly part of the Industrial / Nu-Metal band GF93 and he still is the guitarist of Videodiva, a band dealing with a mixture of Dark-Wave, Rock and Electronics.

After the privately self-released Ambient masterpieces "Disc1" and "Inherited and Partially Trasmitted", now available as a remastered double CD-R on Afe, aal's "13" was the very first CD-R release of the newborn S'Agita Recordings label.

S'Agita also released aal's "Dear Dead Days" in 2002 and "In Luce" in early 2003. A Logoplasm / aal collaboration entitled "A Lifetime in a Blink" was also relesead on A La Verticale De L'Étè, a S'Agita Recordings sublabel.

aal was conceived as an embodiment of a 'stream of consciousness', in which memories, dreams and portions of reality are mixed and cannot be separated. Electronics, concrete sounds and data flux try to evoke these elements following an istinctive course.

An aal very special and limited box-set entitled "Urania", containing no less than 5 CD-Rs with unreleased recordings, was published by Afe in April 2007.