[artists] daniele brusaschetto

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Daniele Brusaschetto & Benny Braaten: Db9: Untitled [afe107lcd]

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Daniele Brusaschetto was born in Turin in 1973. He spent his teens setting up and playing with hardcore and trash/death metal bands.

During the early 90s he got involved with bands like Mudcake (noise-rock / sick-jazz) and Whip (dark-rock / industrial). At the same time he was also part of the situationist / avantgarde improvisers Down! All these groups lasted too short to be remembered by the public.

Since the mid 90s he started to play and record as a solo artist. His first 7" vinyl EP "Paturnie" was published in 1996 on his personal micro-label HHETHH.

The next year, along with Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen) and Lo Smiao, he gave life to ZZZ Productions. The label released his debut CD album "Bellies/Pance" and more CDs by Anatrofobia, My Cat Is An Alien, Lo Dev Alm, Sandblasting and others.

American label RRR (Thurston Moore, Merzbow, Masonna, The Haters, etc.) co-produced "Bellies/Pance" (1997) and the following CD "Mamma fottimi" (1999).

His third album entitled "Bluviola" (2001) was also released in the USA by Radon Studio.

Among the musicians who collaborated with him on his first three album we remember Mirco Rizzi (All Scars Orchestra), Bruno Dorella (ex Wolfango, Lava, OvO, Ronin, Bachi da pietra, etc.), Marco Schiavo (Larsen, All Scars Orchestra), Marco Milanesio (DsorDne), Daniele Pagliero (Lo Dev Alm, All Scars Orchestra, Whip), Maurizio Suppo (Motor Dimension Idol), Silvia Grosso (Larsen, Alfreda, Anatrofobia).

Daniele has succefully toured across Europe and U.S.A. many times since 1997.

His fourth solo CD entitled "Poesia totale dei muscoli" (Total Poetry of Muscles) was released by his newest label Bosco Rec in collaboration with Bar La Muerte, Radon Studio and other friends. Following its release he played gigs with
Ulan Bator, Allun, Bugo, Oxbow, My Cat Is An Alien, Sandblasting, Ludmila and Sikhara.

"Mezza luna piena" (Half full-moon) was released during summer 2005 by Bosco Rec and Bar La Muerte.

During the years Daniele has also published various "unofficial" releases through Bosco Rec and other small labels, including his participation to the All Scars Orchestra and other projects.

Bosco Rec has also released his latest CD album "Circonvoluzioni" in winter 2007, while Blossoming Noise has recently published a stunning collection of brutal remixes he did for OvO.

"Db9", a collaboration between Daniele Brusaschetto and Benny Braaten (Origami Galaktika), recorded back in 2004, was released by Afe in October 2008.