[artists] benny braaten

Releases on Afe:
Daniele Brusaschetto & Benny Braaten: Db9 [afe107lcd]

On the web:

Benny Braaten is better known as B9 and Origami Galaktika. This project saw the light during Christmas 1994 when Benny recorded what was to become the first LP "Stjernevandring" in cooperation with his younger brother Kjell Øyvind.

Origami Galaktika is one of the more prolific underground ambient acts to rise out of Norway, alongside names like Deathprod and Biosphere.

Having toured both Europe and America with acts such as The Legendary Pink Dots, B9 is a lot more than just some guy sitting in his room with a sampler.

Famed for utilizing sound sources from obscure places like Estlandic caves and Norwegian glaciers, B9's music is as unclassifiable as it is unique, yet it has a strong identity of its own.

An evening with Origami Galaktika is an evening of mainly organic sounds, as field recordings and lots of different acoustic instruments, electronically performed through samplers and minidiscs. A slowly moving vessel in a dream like world.

Origami Galaktika's music was released on labels such as
Black Orchid Productions, Speeding Across My Hemisphere, Staalplaat, Jester Records, Vendlus, Purple Soil and many others.

"Bd9", a collaboration between Benny Braaten and Daniele Brusaschetto recorded back in 2004 was released by Afe in October 2008.