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alessandro fogar: surface studies #1-#2


Artist: Alessandro Fogar
Title: Surface Studies #1-#2
Format: CD-R ltd. to 100 numbered copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 2
Playing time: 49:37
Release date: April 2005
File under: Acousmatic / Avantgarde
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Track List:

1.  Surface Study #1 - Sand  24:38

2.  Surface Study #2 - Stream  24:55



"My obsession with surface is the subject of my music. In that sense, my compositions are not "compositions" at all. One might call them time canvases in which I more or less prime the canvas with an overall hue of music. I have learned that the more one composes or constructs - the more one prevents Time Undisturbed from becoming the controlling metaphor of music."*

*From "Between Categories" by Morton Feldman

Alessandro Fogar is an electronic musician and multimedia/software designer based in Grado (Go), Italy. He operates in the field of electronic music and multimedia art, with a marked interest in natural sounds, spatialization and interactive systems.

He has explored various approaches to sound generation, recording and production, the resulting compositions are often studies in transforming, mutating existing sounds.

"Surface Studies" are a series of works focused on the study of surfaces. The microphone is used as a microscope, in order to catch the most intimate resonance, the most secret rustles, the essence of nature.

Field recordings are metabolized, tranformed, distorted, decomposed. In "Sand" rich textures are extracted from sea sounds recorded on a small island located in the Grado lagoon.

In "Streams" sounds of water and pebbles, recorded beneath the river Torre, are tranformed, distorted and mixed in real time with the sounds of the river Torre which are decomposed and pitch shifted using a sort of granular treatment.

The sound objects thus generated are used to fill a sort of sound canvas so that the inner architecture of sounds, with its intimate time structures, becomes the controlling metaphor of the works.

"Fogar is inspired, among other, by Bernhard Günther and John Duncan, but also, and I think it shows beneath the surface (whoops), by Morton Feldman."
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