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Alessandro Fogar

Releases on Afe:
Surface Studies #1-#2 [afe067lcd]

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Alessandro Fogar, born in 1962, is a visual artist, composer and multimedia/software designer based in Grado (Go), Italy.

He operates in the field of electronic music and multimedia art, with a marked interest in natural sounds, spatialization and interactive systems.

Some of his works have been diffused by the Argentine, Finnish, Austrian, German and Italian radios (including RAI, italian main radio).

His musical studies started from the study of piano and violin, then he passed to electronic music and multimedia. He attended many workshops about computer music, soundscapes and sound diffusion , composition, spatialization and performance practice.

Alessandro Fogar constructs his music from natural sounds and synthetic instruments. He and his computer operate the musical equipment during performances and installations that are as interesting to listen as to watch.

Since 1988 he has explored various approaches to sound generation, recording and production. The resulting compositions are often studies in transforming, mutating existing sounds.

The techniques range from the construction of original instruments and the capturing of acoustic phenomenons through environmental field recordings to digital multi-tracking and manipulation.

His musical search is put into effect mainly in the search of an integration between human and nature.

His main references are Luigi Nono, Morton Feldman, Pauline Oliveros, David Tudor, Iannis Xenakis, John Cage, Barry Truax, Brian Eno, Berhard Guenter and John Duncan.

His music has been released on many labels including S'Agita Recordings and Aua Records.

His new work entitled "Surface Studies #1-#2" was released by Afe in April 2005.