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spiral: in the realm of the spiral [special edition]

  Artist: Spiral
Title: In the Realm of the Spiral
Format: CD-R
ltd. to 15 numbered copies in white DVD box + oversize booklet with full color printed artwork and 10 postcards-set
Tracks: 16
Playing time: 58:30
Release date: July 2001
File under: Dada / Power Electronics
Note: This item is sold out.


Track List:

1.  Digital Slavery [Part One]  0:04

2.  Wake Up Now!  6:16

3.  Do You Want to Play a Game?  3:36

4.  The Sleep of the Just

5.  Do You Want to Play Again?  3:59

6.  Living Samples of the Resurrection Failure  2:50

7.  Do You Want to Cry for Pain?  4:21

8.  Digital Slavery [Part Two]  0:04

9.  Rich, Thick and Delicious  0:31

10.  The Gentle Frequencies of Memory  4:38

11.  B.T.H. / Scratching the Surface  0:52

12.  Gurgle  4:27

13.  Lunar Carnivore Activities  2:22

14.  Re-Gurgle  5:03

15.  In the Realm of the Spiral  4:34

16.  Ducks Raper  3:22



Afe is very proud to feed Spiral's masterpiece to the hungry masses again: originally published on tape by Murder Release in 1996, "In the Realm of the Spiral" comes re-mastered and enhanced for your auditive pleasure and also includes one extra track taken from the "Fuck Off... We Murder!" tape compilation.

Power Electronics maniacs will love it, Pranks fanatics will too... the gentle frequencies of memory will invade your brain and turn you into a freak in a few seconds...

Do you want more? That's fine: watch out for Spiral's contribution to the "Teddy Bear Remix Project".