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mindMap / A.A.V.V.: Plochy Remixed [afe074mp3]

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Riga is an audiovisual project born in 2003 and composed by Martino Nencioni, Riccardo Pietroboni and Jacopo Barbaccia, three musicians / sound designers creating sounds ranging from IDM to most experimental electronica through analogic and digital devices.

On the visual side Riga are collaborating with several artists, the latest of whom are Mutantfish (Tommaso Norfo and Marco Soma), veteran videomakers and professional VJs.

Through interaction of electronic sounds and visuals, the Riga project generates audiovisual performances and live-sets aimed at re-decoding the line between actual environment usage and contextual, temporary one, leading their audience to new emotional connections and a multisensory dream experience.

Riga just completed their first EP - released by Chew-Z net-label - you can download it here.