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mindmap: plochy

  Artist: Mindmap
Title: Plochy
Format: CD-R ltd. to 200 numbered copies in standard jewel case with pro-printed artwork
Tracks: 10
Playing time: 65:12
Release date: March 2003
File under: Ambient-Electronica / Downtempo


Track List:

1.  As We Were  7:37

2.  Ston  5:40

3.  Eman  6:16

4.  Plankton  1:29

5.  Cori Celesti  6:37

6.  Da Song  9:14

7.  Šara  5:29

8.  Celestial  6:39

9.  Ice Cubes  6:09

10.  Retrospective [Ear Drum Kru Mapmind Remix]  10:02



Since we are very fond of all the music we have the chance to publish, we're always proud to announce our latest releases, but never before we've been so passionate about one of them, that's for sure.

"Plochy" is the debut album of slovakian band Mindmap and comes after the usual demos and the self-released "Live at Subterra" CD-R.

Main people involved in Mindmap are Emil Mat'ko and Igor Iliaš who take care of all the programming, with the help of Dana Mazalová on vocals, and other collaborators.

We're pleased to announce that this is our favourite Afe release ever: if there has to be an album that synthesize all the different styles of electronic music we released until today, that is "Plochy".

It has beautiful ambient textures, it has real songs, you can dance to certain tracks and appreciate all the research that went into crafting each sound on others.

"Plochy" (Slovak name for "strings" or another sustain sound) it's a 360° journey into the realm of the electronic sound that starts with the suggested exoticism and the mysterious lyrics of "As We Were", and ends with the excellent electro trip-hop Ear Drum Kru Mapmind Remix of "Retrospective".

In between these tracks you'll appreciate the calm atmospheres and intelligent rhythms configurations that permeate the whole work: the oniric labyrinth of "Da Song", the delicate guitars on "Cori Celesti", the suffered vocals on "Eman"... each track on this album deserves a special mention.

In a perfect world Mindmap's music would be released on a major label and would sell thousands copies. Needless to say that this is not a perfect world and there are surely more relevant reasons to say so...

We truly hope that this release will showcase Mindmap's enormous talent to a wider audience and that their music reach the right ears of someone in the music industry. Someone who can take them to Heaven, where we already wait for them listening to their wonderful music.