[Wolkspurz & Ramirez / Various Artists : Teddy Bear Remix Project]


I'm here at last!!!


It's a box

The Teddy Bear Remix Project is a very special 4xCD-R box-set ltd. to 100 numbered copies with pro-printed artwork and gadgets.
It contains
64 versions of Wolkspurz & Ramirez's original title track created by some 60 musicians and djs from all over the world and covers each and every known (...and unknown...) style of electronic music from Synth-Pop to Click'n'Cuts through Ambient, Noise, Minimal Electronica, Computer Music, Techno and everything else that you may think about... 
Total playing time is over 280 minutes, catalogue number is afe024box.

Contents of AFE024BOX are the following: 

1 Box (...)
1 Booklet
1 Teddy Bear Pin
1 Teddy Bear Key-holder
4 Discs + Inserts
1 Teddy Bear Surprise
1 Teddy Bear Certificate (only available for remixers...)

Note: the Teddy Bear Remix Project box-set is sold out, a "best of" will be released sometimes in the future...


The Incredible World of the Teddy Bear Remix Project

Remixers and Deconstructors

[from Amon to Bugo, Frog Pocket, Kluster Cold, Sam & Valley, Brian Lavelle...]

Remixes List and MP3 Excerpts

[the complete remix list, listen how different they are!]

Create Your Own Remix

[download free samples and lyrics
and create your own remix]

Happy Bear People / InverArt 2004

[lots of photos and images, don't forget to send us yours!]

More Bear Extravaganza

[ASCII Art and more]

Teddy Bear News

[your resource for any Teddy Bear related news]

Serving suggestion

Music should speak for itself, but since we told you this is a very special release we thought about including some detailed pictures here...

Serving suggestion 1
Serving suggestion 4
Serving suggestion 2
Serving suggestion 3
Can you really afford to miss the Teddy Bear Remix Project limited edition box-set? You shouldn't!
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