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jacob ludvigsen: metal chinchilla

vital weekly []
newsletter, the netherlands, 2002

Now here is a name you might have seen around, probably on such MP3 sites as Datanom and TechNOH, but this is his first release which one can actually buy. It's a limited to 50 copies release, but with a real printed cover, which looks pretty nice.

A Chinchilla is a dog, I believe - I looked at the cover, as I don't like dogs, I never know which are which. Although this release claims to have twelve tracks, there is only one on the CD.

Some of the sounds were taken from the parents of Chinchilla on the cover; not that one is able to tell, since everything is heavily processed on this CD via 'the intelligent use' of DSP algorithms (sic).

It's highly fragmented and cut-up, occasionally throwing itself into some sort of rhythm, but most of the times it's the well-known computer crash in hell.

The fact that I didn't hear that much new, doesn't necessarily mean I think this is a boring release. In fact it's quite entertaining, but nothing new under the sun.

[Frans De Waard]