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jacob ludvigsen: metal chinchilla

  Artist: Jacob Ludvigsen
: Metal Chinchilla
Format: MiniCD-R 3" ltd. to 50 numbered copies in standard mini jewel case with pro-printed artwork
Tracks: 12
Playing time: 20:03
Release date: July 2002
File under: Computer Music / Minimal Electronica


Track List:

00:00  ChincMetal

00:14  DnB_Short

03:12  OldMovie

05:34  ElectricGuitar

08:52  CutGuitar

11:41  ShortExp

12:13  EchoExp

13:38  KaosMusik

14:23  OldMovieReprise

16:40  AltInstumentEdit

18:49  ShortNoise

19:36  Chinchilla_Metal



With mp3 releases on Datanom and TechNOH Jacob Ludvigsen is one of the many digital presences in the ever-growing field of Computer Music / Minimal Electronica. His first proper release, or at least the first that you can put your hands on, appears now in the form of a 3" MiniCD which finds its place in the Afe "Ltd50" serie.

When asked, Jacob states to be the wrong person to speak about his own music and we can fully understand and agree with him when we find that neither for us is an easy task...

Rather minimal in its structure, almost essential and discrete in its form, "Metal Chinchilla" was mostly assembled using sounds of a concrete nature heavily manipulated via intelligent use of DSP algorithms, until they became unrecognizable and started living a life on their own.

Completely abstract stuff for all those wandering into the outer limits of sonic exploration.

"Ludvigsen’s music is very well placed within the musical minefield of weird ideas and infinite originality"
Geiger [more]

"Quite entertaining"
Vital Weekly [more]