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logoplasm: testa piena d'orche

vital weekly []
newsletter, the netherlands, june 2007

The name Logoplasm still runs in the world of Italy's underground music as one of the forgotten mysterious names, mainly because of the ill-fated S'agita Recordings, which had a bunch of great releases and suddenly disappeared for reasons no longer clear.

Logoplasm, a duo of Paolo and Laura, every once in a while dig their vaults and pick out a work and make a small edition for friends. One of these releases, "Testa piena d'orche" (meaning "Head Full of Killer Whales") ended up in the hands of Andrea Marutti, who made 'another friendly edition' (which is what Afe Records stands for).

Logoplasm works with field recordings and electronics and make highly personal music. The shimmering of voices, the careful drone of an organ or the simple plucking of a stringed instrument: this is a great mixture of instruments and field recordings.

There are links to the music of Ora and Mirror, certainly towards the end when big time drones and rain covered field recordings emerge, but especially in the first half Logoplasm show a much more personal approach. Their vaults should be opened more!

[Frans de Waard on Vital Weekly 581]