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logoplasm: testa piena d'orche

musique machine []
webzine, u.k., november 2007

"Testa piena d'orche" mix of eerier drone matter, bell tones, layered foreign voices/ chants and all manner of source recordings rather brought to mind the more recent Nurse With Wound material.

The track is one long 35 minute piece that starts off being barely there developing drone patterns, to disorientating and mind altering collages of voices sounds and bells, with the sounds very effectively moved around the stereo channels to give a very strange and surreal 3D like audioscape that you can't help but to get sucked into.

The sound picture is built around constant electro drone elements and often present subtle electro elements to which rich and atmospheric tapestry of sounds are built on top going from human voice to bird song, weather noise, general movement, crackling, wetness and a great odd scoping/ break sound that sound very bizarre.

There are odd hints at more musical elements here and with the odd guitar elements, but they never really develop and are just smaller elements of the bigger picture. A fine example of accomplished and surreal long form sound painting that becomes more and involving and curious as the track opens up and develops, and grows strange images and sensation in ones mind.

[Roger Batty]