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edward ruchalski: dark night

musique machine []
webzine, u.k., march 2008

"Dark Night" is an eerier, often pitch black and doomy collection of dronescapes, bleak ambient expanses and discordant piano unsettling. Fittingly the title really tells you exactly what's in the box, this is music for unsettled dreams and creep-out/paranoid early mornings.

This is a reissue of a Foxy Digitalis release from 2004 of what is seen as one of Ruchaiski greatest works. It's split into 6 parts and lasting just shy of forty minutes, Ruchaiski really takes you on a highly effective, creepy and at times downright marrow chilling sonic journey.

Using stretched out and echoed doomy piano cord hits, drone craft pits of dark sound, doomy guitar picks and strums, signing bowls, field recordings and all manner of audio unsettlement. This is music that brings to mind imagers of: eyeless and cracked china dolls coming to live, hunched figures drugging sacked body shaped weights up creaking staircases, slowly unnerving walks around eerier wooded panelled and blood red fabric draped houses as the clock strikes midnight.

There are brief moments when it moves towards been harmonic and warming, but it soon becomes discordant, broken and doomy, like every shard of light and hope is snubbed out by Dark nights tar like atmosphere.

A thoroughly unsettling, dark and dank excise in audio edginess, that's guaranteed to darken your state and bring to mind some unnerving imagery, with the only downside been it's criminal limited to only 100 copies.

[Roger Batty]