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anofele & logoplasm: gravescapes

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, august 2007

This has been out for a while, but my review pile is paved with good intentions, just like the road to hell. This 3" EP marked the comeback (not a "return to the public arena", but well) for Logoplasm (Laura Lovreglio and Paolo Ippoliti) after a long hiatus and the collapse of their S'Agita imprint; meanwhile, they've finally released a new full-length on Afe and its counterpart on the net-label Ctrl+Alt+Canc. Hooray!

"Gravescapes" is a 2003 collaborative work with Anofele/Adriano Scerna (also in Kar), and is the result of location recordings made in a tunnel, under an abandoned graveyard in a wood (!). Oddly enough, while Anofele mostly arranges and layers "pure" field recordings, Logoplasm offer a droning and reverberating ambient track where the natural sources are almost buried (no pun intended).

What I probably liked best was the un-treated track 2, full of interesting crackles and concrète chaos. As a whole, it's a nice EP but not one of those engulfing experiences I expect from Logoplasm.

[Eugenio Maggi]