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brian lavelle: a stuffed crocodile

  Artist: Brian Lavelle
: A Stuffed Crocodile
Format: MiniCD-R 3" ltd. to 50 numbered copies with pro-printed artwork
Tracks: 1
Playing time: 19:47
Release date: January 2002
File under: Computer Music / Minimal Electronica


Track List:

1.  A Stuffed Crocodile  19:47



Brian Lavelle has been creating music for more than ten years using a variety of electronic devices.

His most famous works are the "Radios" series, composed with Richard Youngs, but we can't help mentioning his wonderful "How To Construct A Time Machine" guitar suite released by Staalplaat's subsidiary Bake Records.

"A Stuffed Crocodile" is his longest piece of computer music and density is its key: lots of digital information is layered into dense clusters which complement and contrast each other and somehow still appear to sound melodic and harmonic. Brian also appears on the "Teddy Bear Remix Project".

"Elettronica informale e suggestiva"
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