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raffaele serra: europe endless

  Artist: Raffaele Serra
: Europe Endless
Format: CD-R in standard jewel case with pro-printed artwork
Tracks: 13
Playing time: 64:31
Release date: December 2002
File under: Avantgarde


Track List:

1.  Berlin > Return To The Source  5:04

2.  Zürich > L.Labs  4:31

3.  Barcelona > Children of Kaos  5:11

4.  Köln > Modified  4:22

5.  Amsterdam > Magnetic Mirror  4:50

6.  Berlin > Metallic Universe  5:20

7.  Paris > Abduction  5:13

8.  Rotterdam > Wings Of Desire  5:08

9.  Düsseldorf > Genetic Light  4:58

10.  Praha > The Secret  5:51

11.  Wien > Innerverse  4:16

12.  London > Ghostland  5:00

13.  Zagreb > Nomad Brain 4:45



Raffaele Serra has been wandering through analogic synthesis for many years, then came digital synthesis and analogic machines were out of fashion... then they rised again from oblivion for the joy of the ones who never forgot about them, including Raffaele. Now it's time for him to search for new directions in sound and the most adventurous way seems to be soft-synthesis.

A joyful sparkle appears again in the eye of the electronic shaman. "Europe Endless" tries to describe in music the atmospheres and movements of some of the most particular and meaningful european cities.

Just like in a urban late night-trip all tracks are surrounded by some kind of a mantric halo, a soft circle of light that keeps turning on itself over and over again. This music demands repetition to generate and keep the appropriate state of mind.

The listener should not try to resist it, just let it flow. Endlessly.

"With this work Raffaele Serra takes us on a fascinating electronic journey through twelve european cities"
Oltre Il Suono [more]

"Europe Endless 'sounds' analogic like a 'vintage' album, a neuralgic projection from here and now to the future"
Blow Up [more]

"Raffaele Serra is a 'monument' of italian electronic music"
Spectrum [more]

"Serra's synthetic soundscapes bear, like his celebrated cities, both the restlessness of a nomadic spirit and the existential weight of several hundred years of history"
Chain D.L.K. [more]