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nat evans: post modern sound images

  Artist: Nat Evans
: Post Modern Sound Images
Format: CD-R ltd. to 100 numbered copies in cardboard sleeve
Tracks: 14
Playing time: 46:20
Release date: September 2002
File under: Ambient / Avantgarde


Track List:

1.  Natural / Un-natural  7:38

2.  Link 1  1:00

3.  Ambient 2  5:50

4.  Link 2  0:35

5.  Ambient 3  5:37

6.  Link 3  1:05

7.  3:00 am a.b.c.  7:37

8.  Ocean Dis-assembling  2:50

9.  Paint Chips  1:58

10.  High Ceilings  1:15

11.  Dark Spirits  2:30

12.  What I Hear...  3:50

13.  Link 4  0:55

14.  Ambient 1  3:40



Nat Evans is a young composer from Indianapolis. He has been studying percussion for about ten years and has played in various orchestras around the Midwest. In 1999 he started his college career at Butler University, majoring in music performance.

He has been recording odd electronic noodlings on his home stereo equipment for years and when he was given access to the Colin Clive Electronic Music Studio at Butler he started working on his first exclusive electronic compositions, while still maintaining the percussion side of things.

His debut album is a beautiful collection of strung-freely surreal electronic compositions that takes a dark edge at times but hopefully conveys a real spiritual sensibility to the listener.

Nat recently declared that "A peaceful mind is what I want from my music"... listening to "Post Modern Sound Images" we can't help feeling like that.

"A disc that should be appreaciated by those who love the more relaxing Ambient forms"
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