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elephant zyclus: tripod

  Artist: Elephant Zyclus
Title: Tripod
Format: MiniCD-R 3" in standard mini jewel case with pro-printed artwork + sticker
Tracks: 4
Playing time: 21:04
Release date: March 2003
File under: Techno / Drill


Track List:

1.  Tripod 3" Edit  5:48

2.  Tripod [Sweep the Pod Mix by DJ Lips]  5:20

3.  Trip-0-d by a034  6:37

4.  Promis [Pro-Glitch Mix by Spiral]  3:17



About one year after the release of his "Zyclus Over Berlin" CD-R album it's time for another small dose of Elephant Zyclus.

We have chosen our favourite track and edited it for this release. Samples were subsequently given for treatment to a couple of selected Afe artist...

Lips Vago, under his new DJ Lips guise, remained faithful to the spirit of the original track adding some more Techno danceabilty to make you sweat... a034 couldn't care less about the original and came up with a 200 bpm Drill monster based mostly on the bass loop.

Spiral almost destroyed the unreleased "Promis" filling it with all sort of glitches.

We enjoy this remix frenzy a lot, there will be more remix projects on Afe very soon. Let's enjoy "Tripod" in the meantime.

"A little 3" bastard"
Chain D.L.K. [more]