[artists] a034

Releases on Afe:
Chemical Nature [afe087cd]
A.A.V.V.: Teddy Bear Remix Project [afe024box]

Related releases:
Elephant Zyclus: Tripod [afe027mcd]
mindMap / A.A.V.V.: Plochy Remixed [afe074mp3]

On the web:

a034 is a one-man band conducted by Stefano Pulici from Milan, Italy. This project was created some ten years ago without any definite ambitions and was brought to the public attention when its first CD album was released by Tijuana Records (...the very first manifestation of what later became Bar La Muerte...) back in 1999.

After some years of live-sets experience, a034 got in touch with Acid Drops, an italian techno group involved in parties mostly based on industrial sounds and hardcore beats. This fact allowed him to start playing more often especially at free parties.

He moved from laptop to grooveboxes and abandoned the concept of "tracks" to create a random assembling of techno patterns.

Today a034 is still alive and kicking and Stefano is also involved in other projects such as Nuke Satori, Six Figure Nigga, Figli di Diapa (with Hyena and Mbst8) and Lava (with Bruno Dorella of OvO and Ronin fame).

During the years, his music was released on CD and vinyl by labels such as Bar La Muerte, Hydrophonic, Blackbean and Placenta, FVA, Homesleep, Napalmed and Blackqirex.

His latest full-lenght production entitled "Chemical Nature" was released as a friendly co-production between Afe and Bar La Muerte in April 2007.