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Releases on Afe:
Pipe Smoking On a Balloon [afe118lcd]
Preghiera per una stella [afe088mcd]
A.A.V.V.: Total Blackout [afe072]

Related releases:
Meerkat: Kapnos [afe121cd]

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Luca Bergero was born in Italy in 1980.

If his electronic engineering studies helped his meeting with algorhytmic composition, at the same time they gave way to his crisis for technologic music pushing him to the concrete sound.

His constant doubt, the desire to bring back art to the state of an unconditioned phenomenon - finally back in man's hands - and the necessity for development, contribute to a severe creation balanced between opposite sound sources.

In 2003 his lowercase work "Vetri di carta" was produced by S’agita Recordings.

In February 2005 the Portuguese label Creative Sources Recordings released "Pocket Progressive", a trio improvisation recorded along with Luca Sigurtà and Claudio Rocchetti.

His regular live activities include twin laptop-sets with long time friend and collaborator Luca Sigurtà.

"Le baptême de la solitude" was released in late 2005 by Petite Sono], soon followed by the MiniCD-R 3" "Preghiera per una stella" (Prayer For a Star) on Afe in April 2006.

"Pipe Smoking On a Balloon", a new album, was released in an edition of 50 copies by Polish label Um/Ko in 2007, while his collaboration with Hue (of Sparkle in Grey fame) and Maurizio Bianchi entitled "Erimos" was published by Digitalis in the USA as part of the "Between the Elements" quadrilogy.

Another untitled collaboration with
Luca Sigurtà and Claudio Rocchetti found its place in the Setola di Maiale catalogue in 2007.

"The Wheel", a masterpiece of field-recordings and audio archaeology by Fhievel and Luca Sigurtà was released on Creative Sources in early 2008.

Due to its original poor distribution, Afe re-released "Pipe Smoking On a Balloon" in October 2008.