[artists] crashcars for the ravers

Crashcars For The Ravers

Releases on Afe:
Sparkle In Grey / A.A.V.V.: The Echoes of Thiiings / Fadiiing Echoes [afe060lcd]
A.A.V.V.: Total Blackout [afe072]

On the web:

Claudio Rocchetti was born in Bolzano, Italy, but has been living in Berlin for some years. He processes sounds by mixing turntablism's manipulatory techniques with concrete music.

He breaks down and deconstructs sounds and uses radios, recorders and microphones to create an analogic process of sound generation.

He is also part of 3/4 Had Been Eliminated, Olyvetty, In Zaire and Hypnoflash. His music was released on many labels, including S'agita Recordings, Bar La Muerte, Smallvoices, Wallace Records and Die Schachtel.