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the afeman vs. madame p: journey through the shadow of the sun

lunar hypnosis []
webzine, usa, march 2008

The Afeman, which is really Andrea Marutti (Amon, Never Known, Lips Vago and Afe label owner) and Madame P (Patrizia Oliva) come together on this one track twenty three minute song released as a 3" CD-R.

As usual with Andrea and his label in general we're treated to some very interesting dark electronic music. In this case "Journey Through the Shadow of the Sun" is a major alteration of one of Madame P's solo vocal works, previously called "Ombra di sole".

Andrea manipulated and re-worked this song into a deep droning ambient piece with odd indistinct whispers and violent hissing sounds, which I'm assuming were previously Madame P's voice.

The whole thing is really quite interesting and it's astounding to think someone could take what I'd imagine was once a normal song and turn it into this. It's a really fascinating piece that begins calm, but slowly builds into a more epic piece of dark ambiance that's enjoyable on a multitude of different levels.

All things considered there is some very interesting music presented here and hopefully this isn't just a one time idea. (8/10)

[Joe Mlodik]