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madame p & the afeman: april's fool

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, january 2007

Great layout and weird collaboration for this 3" MiniCD which puts back on the map both Andrea Marutti (head chief of Afe Records, but also musician mainly known as Amon / Never Known) and Madame P.

I think unusual is the only comment that really make sense given that Marutti is quite far from his usual ambient-dronical-electronic environment and Madame P is not singing and that's been her usual occupation so far.

Despite the title, "April's Fool" sounds much more cold and serious than you could expect from such a layout. Let's say this: an electroacoustic/concrete-electronic release where synths and laptop dissimulate the natural noises made out of contact microphones, glass and objects.

A short collection of four episodes of playful improvisation reworked and redefined by the hand of both. The end result is sometimes sharp and simple, an audio blast like some primitive electronic-industrial experimentalists in the way it was back in the early eighties.

Fans are warned it's a limited edition, non-aficionados should keep in mind the average material of these two musicians is really different.

[Andrea Ferraris]