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rensek: rensek ep

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, april 2003

Rensek is a new manifestation of Eric Kesner, better known for his excellent guitar-based dark ambient under the name of True Colour of Blood (two CD-R's on Soulworm and Afe, and an upcoming CD co-released by Afe and Eibon).

The two projects actually merge on the first track of this 3" EP, "Aorist (TCOB remix)", a brilliant fusion of obscure drones and digital glitches. Yep, this is Rensek's nature: skipping discs, digital errors etc. - the sort of things happening all too often when you use an electronic device or a digital support.

"Acies" and "Verum" are little more than skip noises minimally organized in rhythmic patterns (unless they're not recorded as they are, à la Disc), while "Dialectic" is a longer, shifting track with more elaborate sounds and a kind of menacing feel within its abstract, inorganic coils.

Very good in its brevity, could give brilliant results in more elaborate works.

[Eugenio Maggi]