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fausto balbo: login

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magazine, belgium,
january 2013

Fausto Balbo has already released several albums and now strikes back with his newest opus. Balbo was previously involved in the metal-minded project Der Tod, but his solo-project definitely features other influences.

"Login" is pure experimental-like. It sounds like an exploration into the most hidden corners of electronic music. This composition is an expression of sound manipulations and often reminded me of the good-old years of analogue electronics where the creation of sounds sometimes appeared more important than composing a song properly speaking.

But the least I can say is that Fausto Balbo takes his audience by surprise, revealing an impressive strength of sounds. I here and then noticed a few metal-elements (like the percussion on "Hardmysticmeeting"), but globally speaking this release is about minimalism and experimentations.

There's no better example than the last cut "Will Future Man Develop a Third Ear?" that moves on for nearly 18 minutes. A sharp resonating sound literally tortures the listener the entire track long, but is not exactly the most original and accessible format to increase a fan basis. The most fascinating aspect of this track is that it's based upon spontaneous emissions inside the human ear.

"Login" is based upon a novel of Herman Hesse and wants to be an imaginary journey through the web, where we all can explore new realities! It sounds surreal, but totally in balance with the sound created by Fausto Balbo.

I can’t say that I am a lover of such an experiment although I have to admit that some manipulated sounds are quite efficient. I would have preferred to hear these sounds being used in a more ‘music’-type of music than remaining experimental.