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fausto balbo: login

igloo magazine []
webzine, usa, november 2012

I firstly discovered the music of Fausto Balbo thanks to his collaborative work with another Italian electronic wizard, Andrea Marutti. At this time I was already highly impressed by the sonic drawing sound architecture of his music. Published in 2010, "Detrimental Dialogue" offers sophisticated, colorfully diversified and well balanced electronic compositions. The result was quite unique and sensational in terms of ideas and textured sound dynamics. This last album entitled "Login" seems to follow the same musical path.

The conceptual background illustrates the evolutive and genetic system of information in an excessively developed human culture where the virtual, the simulacrum are intertwined in the empirical-sensitive reality. The specific musical tapestries offered by "Login" sonically approach sounds matrixes and the fractal energies which prevail in the “deterritorializing” process. The musical plan is spherically sonorous and significantly timbral, inviting the listener to be absorbed into an exclusive and singular phenomenological sound experience: affective projections and entranced-neurotic attraction.

The album starts with an hyper-active and psychoacoustic piece made of proliferating molecular electronic sequences sustained by a hauntingly palette of sounds. "Harvester of Bits" is an eloquent, massive and ravishing dronescaping arcane covered by a-directional fractal moves.

"Virus Scan" introduces the listener into a similar path with the add of subterranean hypnotic bass lines and ominous synth chords. "Hardmysticmeeting" is a powerful and hauntingly esoteric-demonic piece which deliberately associate synthedelic grooves and mechanical interferences. An incredible sense of depth and complexity for an electronic based piece.

"Walkin with Klaus" delivers a luminous kosmische synth excursion with some circular progressions and smooth melodious lines. A superb emotional electronic minimalist spacey sounding piece. "Fake Reality - Logout" is a captivating exploration on spiraling electronic territories. A sumptuous abstract synthesized melody and a wide range of timbral dynamics in the sound-texture.

"Login" can be considered as a pinnacle of experimentation in contemporary electronic music, constantly fascinating with deeply moving sound metamorphosis. A revolutionary “rhizomatic” and sonic instrumental approach. A very peculiar and tremendously lysergic sounding quality in the world of kinetic-process music. Absolutely recommended.

[Philippe Blache]