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fausto balbo: login

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webzine, usa,
october 2012

Cool experimental sound compositions from Italy's Fausto Balbo. This creative gentleman began making music in the late 1980s and has been pushing the boundaries of sound ever since. "Login" is an intriguing album because it not only presents sound as music...but it also incorporates some very slight musical elements into the equation that give listeners the ability to follow some concrete subtle melodies while their minds are being expanded.

The electronics on these tracks combine blips and bleeps reminiscent of early pioneers from the 1970s...while other sounds are most definitely twenty-first century in nature. There's a great deal to take in here in terms of sound and creativity. We can only recommend this to folks who are into far out experimental stuff - this is probably a bit much for folks who simply want something catchy to dance to (heh heh heh...).

This fellow is obviously on top of his game and knows how to use technology to his advantage. Eleven bizarre tracks here including "Login", "My Chatroom...My Life...My Distress", "Walkin' With Klaus" and "Will Future Man Develop A Third Ear?".

Super smart and inventive music from another dimension... TOP PICK!