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andrea marutti & fausto balbo: detrimental dialogue

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website, usa, december 2010

Two electronic wizards and sound alchemists, Fausto Balbo and Andrea Marutti (Amon, Never Known, Hall of Mirrors) have unified their respective musical universe to create a rather unique, innovative and polymorphic electronic album. In itself the musical signature offers a dense and dynamic interaction between sci-fi, fractal sound projections and virtually cosmic surrounded synthscapes.

The opening theme offers a synthesis between pure abstract electronic interferencies, spaced out lo-fi keys and icy pop-ish electronics. "Indulge Me" provides a luminous beatific soundscape in search of the absolute quietness. It slowly involves into a metaphysical sound hallucination.

"Set-Back" explores mysteriously evocative, detached soundscapes slowly moving in deep distance, punctuated by electro-acoustic motives, cosmic noises and transversal flux. "Troubled Elephant" closes the album with various abstract sound manipulations and processual micro-sound textures.

"Detrimental Dialogue" is a vertiginous-cathartic musical experience which entirely renew the whole kosmische synth subgenre due to unusual sound combinations. A really ambitious collaboration and absolute electronic masterpiece.

[Philippe Blache]