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andrea marutti & fausto balbo: detrimental dialogue

komakino []
webzine, italy, november 2010

From Vigevano, Italy, these two guys have fun with some alien sound deconstruction and related mutation, via analogue and digital, they mount a paradoxal dialogue of buzzing interferences, mutuals clicks and hisses for Rosetta Stone, beeps and sound electronic synthesis.

The kinetic instrumental ambience Andrea Marutti and Fausto Balbo feed with this improvised experimentation is sinister and sometimes shapeless - "Winter" -, else evocative and perfectly scoring the rooms of a space observatory out there in the galaxy - "Indulge Me".

Solaris is not far. "Set-Back" well would music Kelvin's surprise of seeing his dead wife left on Earth, and "Troubled Elephant" his inner waste and terror. Sort of psychic Music for astral trips.

The yellow graphics by Stefano "Sicksoul" Rossetti give the right snapshot of what you should expect to listen in this record, like Miguel Angel Martín picturing and telling Sicotronic Records' short novels.

[Pall Youhideme]