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k11: waiting for the darkness

the sound projector []
magazine, u.k., may 2010

I get the sense that K11 dabbles with some form of personal ritual, although free from occult associations, on "Waiting For the Darkness", an installation art piece which is described as "an action of instrumental transcommunication".

Produced entirely with short wave radios and recorded in a lonely forest in the night, this is a disturbing and troubling record of powerful shuffling, hissing and pounding noise that recalls Disinformation when he was at his most powerful manifestation, harnessing the sonic possibilities of pylons and solar emissions.

K11 (Pietro Riparbelli) however is interested in something more psychological and wants to "investigate the dimension of fear", and I must admit this atmospheric beauty delivers much more effectively in these areas than any recent Stephen O'Malley project.

The CD arrives with a QuickTime movie burned in, a component which I'm unable to access as a PC user.

[Ed Pinsent]