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scum from the sun: scum from the sun

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webzine, the netherlands, june 2009

While the subliminal bass gets more body, the sound is swelling and slow grinding chords are set in. However the music is full of doom the sound isn't massive which gives another sphere than expected. When more layers are added to the repetitive riff the music grows to other directions than doom and becomes more close to post rock. Slowly evolving Scum From The Sun know how to keep things interesting.

Founded back in 2003, Cash and Black Mikey started to experiment with electro acoustic music. After working on many different projects during the years, this is their debut album recorded in 2008 and now finally released through Afe Records.

"La caduta prima del distacco", with which this CD begins, is different than the other tracks. The heavy guitar is gone and make room for more complex structures in "Caput Corvi". The music now gets more towards Labradford with melancholic swelling melodies of guitar and careful chords.

The music is moody but seductive, breathing rest and peace. Peacefully calm Scum From the Sun continues with drony "Eris" with a slow swirling sound with delay and calm feedback. Then tones entering the atmosphere like meteors at the sky and the music is becoming more spacious in which they take control over their chaos pad. Layers are build to hypnotize and becoming chaotic until an organ ends it all.

"Il sorriso della Regina Bianca e il sonno del Re Rosso" which means "The Smile of the White Queen and the Sleep of the Red King" is the last track of this nicely packaged CD by Scum From the Sun and is their most rhythmic song in which different melodies are entwined in a polyrhythmic structure. Here it swells to almost symphonic values.

Packed in a metal box, Scum From The Sun is an eye-catching item. The four very different tracks gives a rich variety to the music in which "Caput Corvi" and "Il sorriso della Regina Bianca e il sonno del Re Rosso" are most close to each other.