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Scum From The Sun

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Scum From The Sun [afe122cd]

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Scum (now Scum From The Sun) were born as a way to experiment with uncompromising electroacoustic music. It is an open collective that also declares its intentions through installations, videos and other art forms.

The group was founded in 2003 by Cash (synth, sound manipulation) and Black Mikey (bass), both coming from different experiences but united by their common passion for unconventional and experimental music.

During the years they have successfully performed in the underground circuit, especially in squatts. They self-released their first demo entitled "Scum" in 2004.

A DVD-R entitled "Canti alla suprema delizia" and "Fuerenergie", a CD-R which contains the soundtrack of the homonymous ballet + fire show, were released later. "Fuerenergie" is a collaboration with the Chasma-Ges performers.

During 2007 they created the soundtrack for a video by Matteo Vergani, "Final Assault To the City of God", which was presented in August 2007 in New York at the NYU (IVSA conference).

In 2009 they were featured on the "Sonora Commedia" project, a three-discs compilation + book conceived as a soundtrack to Dante's immortal masterpiece "Divine Comedy". This project was published by Kipple Officina Libraria.

Black Mikey is also involved in the Punk-Rock'n'rollers Long Dong Silver, while Cash is also part of the Electro-EBM oriented Filthy Generation along with Claudio Giuntini - another collaborator to the Scum From The Sun project - and Attilio Naddei, ex-member of Narcolexia. Cash was part of the FOA Boccaccio management collective.

Their debut CD album was co-produced by Afe and released in June 2009.