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scum from the sun: scum from the sun

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webzine, italy, november 2009

Released by Afe Records inside a round tin box, the debut CD-R by Scum From The Sun leads you in a spiritual journey across unknown lands and mysterious sceneries, conjured with an intelligent use of instrumental music along four long tracks.

The starting point of this Italian duo is a destructured and evolved post-rock, that however quickly shifts into an evocative and original blend of electronics, ambient and controlled noise. Guitars, synths and drumming depicts arcane images in the mind of the listener, slowly evolving and contaminating into new forms.

Most dissonant and electronic of the four tracks is "Eris", whereas final "Il sorriso della Regina Bianca e il sonno del Re Rosso" is definitely post-rock influenced, but, not for this less original and intriguing.

Despite the length of the compositions and the absence of vocals, Scum From The Sun's debut never gets boring, on the contrary, the listener's attention is constantly caught by the mesmerizing sounds and their simple yet fascinating architectures. Definitely well worth a listening.

[Simon V]