[reviews] afe120mcd
andrea marutti / tommaso cosco: turra

wonderful wooden reasons []
website, u.k., june 2009

The fourth Afe release I've heard this month is this teeny seedee from label owner Marutti and collaborator Cosco. It's the shortest and also probably the least satisfying.

It's certainly not a bad track. As a piece of dark drone it does all the right things, makes all the right moves and heads off in the right direction, unfortunately though it doesn't really go anywhere.

The music seems (the press sheet gives little away) to be a processed (by both) set of impromptu recordings (by Cosco). As far as I can make out these original recordings are barely present as the music is an amorphous grey wash.

Like I said though it's competently done and if you like your music slow, dark and impenetrable then you may well enjoy this but it didn't grab me and there are far more recommended releases on Afe for you to invest in.

[Ian Holloway]